Aug 07

Super Mammogram

breast cancer awarenessLast week we commented on the importance of mammograms in the detection of early-stage breast cancer. This is one of the bright spots in medicine today – early detection has dramatically improved the outlook for breast cancer patients. Now, it seems that even better news is coming from outside of traditional medical sources.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are reporting that they have developed a method of screening mammograms that is significantly better at predicting breast cancer risk. It is not some expensive new machine or diagnostic test, but an AI-driven (artificial intelligence) program developed by graduate students at MIT. This deep learning model is able to predict the development of breast cancer as much as five years in the future, giving the patient a sort of “early warning system.” Staying alert and starting treatment as early as possible, gives the patient a head start in beating breast cancer.

Uniquely, the MIT team did not program in a certain procedure; instead, they gave the computer system mammograms and five-year medical records of 60,000 women. The AI program then sifted through the data, identifying early mammogram characteristics that are predictive of breast cancer development. The computer literally taught itself to recognize these early patterns, much faster and more accurately than any human could possibly do! Best of all, this innovation is a digital program that can be duplicated at virtually no cost.

Who knows what other secrets this technique could reveal?  We are losing the fight against some behavioral diseases like obesity and type-2 diabetes, but starting to beat old foes! If only we could change behavior as we do diagnostic techniques! Of course, today is the best day to start changing those behavior patterns. A good place to start is the program at AdventHealth Bariatric and Weight Care. The nutrition, exercise and medical professionals in this program can help you achieve lasting success in maintaining a healthy weight.

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