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Jun 17

What Does Your Appendix Do?

Traditionally, doctors have thought of the appendix as a ‘vestigial’ organ, with no important function in modern humans. But not so fast! Today, there is some evidence that the appendix may serve as a sort of storage room for the friendly bacteria that should populate the healthy intestine. The bacterial contents of the appendix may …

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Jul 18

Why do you have an appendix?

They say that Mother Nature never wastes anything. If that is true, what does your appendix do? Find out by reading just that, “What Does Your Appendix Do?”

Oct 09

What Does Your Appendix Do?


The function (if any) of the human appendix is not known with certainty. As a part of internal anatomy, the appendix is present in only a few species, including certain primates like apes and humans. In both cases, the appendix is a thin, tubular structure located near the beginning of the large intestine. Traditional medical …

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