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Jul 17

Options for Safe Weight Loss

There are many options available to you to help you safely lose weight. Among these safe weight loss options are diet and exercise. Watching what you eat can go a long way in seeing results on the scale. If your calorie intake is lower each day than your calorie output, you should have no problem …

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Jun 22

Benefits of Spider Vein Surgery

Spider veins can be very troublesome for those who have them. The decision to have spider vein surgery can be made based on the desire to improve one’s looks and/or the need to have deeper treatment for varicose veins. In either case, Dr. Christian Birkedal is a certified surgeon and he is able to use …

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Jun 17

Understanding Laparoscopic Surgery

When you need weight loss surgery, you are faced with two options: open surgery, or laparoscopic surgery. The latter allows for surgeons to use a very small tube and set of tools that allow for the same operation to be done with a much smaller recovery window. For more information on this type of surgery, …

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May 01

Vascular Surgery and Weight Loss

In order to help patients with weight loss issues, vascular surgery can be the answer. This particular type of surgery treats arteries and veins, and can help diffuse pain in certain areas, such as abdominal pain. In conjunction with weight loss surgery, it can help to improve the person’s overall health and boost weight loss …

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Apr 29

The Cost of Bariatric Surgery

cost of weight loss surgery

When considering the option of bariatric surgery to help with any weight loss issues you may be experiencing, knowing the cost of bariatric surgery is definitely an important factor to consider. There are many situations in which insurance can help, and your doctor is the best person to discuss this with as they can give …

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Apr 20

Understanding Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is defined as a surgery where a laparoscope is used. By using this small, powerful tool, surgeons are able to perform various types of surgery without having to make major incisions as they did in the past. This type of surgery, as such, has also been labeled as “minimally invasive”. It is a …

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Apr 06

Reasons to Have Bariatric Surgery

There are many reasons to consider having bariatric surgery. There are good reasons to look into this type of surgery if you are dealing with severe health issues due to weight or if you would be at risk to develop certain severe health situations should you not have the surgery. Bariatric surgery is one of …

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Apr 03

Why Gastric Bypass May Be Right For You

When considering the options for weight loss surgery, gastric bypass surgery may be the right one for you. It reduces the size of your stomach, which means you cannot hold as much food as before. The advantage is that it can help you to lose weight. However, you should discuss with your doctor before making …

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Mar 27

The Advantages of Fiber

Fiber is one of the key nutritional elements that many of us are not taking advantage of. There are great benefits to using it, such as lowering cholesterol, improving overall heart health, and even cutting the risk of developing certain types of cancer. It is also a great way to promote safe weight loss and …

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Nov 08

Minimizing Post Surgery Pain

No matter how non-invasive the surgery is, there is bound to be pain. However, there are steps you can take to minimize post surgery pain. Read this article to learn what you can do to ease your post surgery pain.

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