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Feb 01

Is your doctor board certified?

We often comment on how quickly things change in surgery and medical practice. It is absolutely essential that your primary care doctor and any specialist or surgeon you choose is current and up-to-date in his or her field. Getting and keeping board certification is one of the ways this level of high-quality practice is assured. …

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May 04

What does board certified mean?

Titles like, “Board Certified in Cardiology,” “Board Certified in OB-Gyn” or “Board Certified in General Surgery” are on a lot of medical office doors and letterheads. But what does “Board Certified” mean? Actually, it is an important credential telling you that a physician has met (and continues to meet) high standards in a particular field. …

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Apr 14

What does it take to become board certified?

Bariatric medicine may involve the skills of surgeons, endocrinologists and primary care doctors like Family Practice or Internal Medicine specialists. Each of these physicians may have earned board certification in a medical specialty. What does the term, “Board Certified” mean? Click on the link to find out what it takes for a doctor to become …

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Mar 09

What Does Board Certification Mean?

American Board of Medical Specialties

Every doctor who is licensed to practice medicine has graduated from an accredited medical school, completed at least the minimum needed residency training requirements and passed the examinations required by the state in which he or she practices. This process takes two to three years after completing medical school, but there may be more to …

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