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Dec 28

A community resource for health and wellness

Our website has often published articles advocating the proven value of exercise in maintaining health and wellness. If you want to Commit to Exercising Every Day, there are several choices. You might want to Walk for Wellness or consider the Value of Yoga. Our residents here in the Volusia-Flagler and Central Florida areas are fortunate …

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Jun 18

Walking For Wellness

“The Best Things in Life Are Free,” or so goes the familiar old saying. This may not always be true, but when it comes to fitness, weight control and your general health, the habit of a daily walk fits the description for most people. This subject may seem a little far afield for a general …

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Apr 10

Establishing a habit of exercise

Establishing the habit of daily exercise is probably more important than meeting some predetermined standard. Read about committing to a process rather that a goal and how it is more important in the long run.

Mar 24

Exercise is necessary for safe weight loss

Weight-loss surgery and permanent changes to diet and eating behavior can combine to produce big decreases in body weight. But, the importance of exercise must not be overlooked. Read about the “Top Reasons to Exercise Regularly for Safe Weight Loss” by clicking the link.

Feb 10

How do hormones affect exercise and weight loss?

Different forms of exercise stimulate specific hormones. Read about the hormonal response to weight training and its effect on weight Loss by clicking HERE.

Jan 30

Can yoga exercise help you lose weight?

Yoga does not ‘burn’ calories as effectively as an aerobic exercise. However, it can still play an important part in a weight-loss program. Learn how by clicking on Yoga.

Nov 16

Yoga and Weight Loss

Meditation, well-being

Exercise is a key factor in achieving healthy, long term weight loss. The fact is, that in order to lose weight, you must expend more calories than you take in. The value of yoga for losing weight should not be ‘oversold’. Yoga cannot contribute to weight loss in the same way that an intense, calorie …

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Nov 15

Is Exercise really important for my Body?

Yes. No. Maybe…Read “My Final Post of My Weight Loss Article Series.”

Oct 21

Is Exercise really important for my Body?

We have a series of articles addressing addressing the importance of exercise.

Aug 16

Pediatric Obesity – How to Overcome Obesity in Children

Childhood obesity has increased tremendously in the last few years and is hard to spot because kids grow at different rates. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pediatric obesity is considered as the fastest growing crises the world is facing now. If your child is suffering from pediatric obesity, you need to …

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