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May 02

What is a general surgeon?

We say that medicine and surgery are divided into specialties and sub-specialties. Some of these titles are very descriptive and well understood. Most people know that a Family Practice doctor sees patients of all ages for general medical needs and that a surgeon does operations. There are many areas of surgery, but What Exactly is …

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Nov 03

Who is the best Surgeon out there?

When it comes to deciding who will be your weight loss surgeon, Dr. Christian Birkedal is one of the best surgeons in Florida. With over 20 years of experience, as well as a Board Certification as a general surgeon, Dr. Birkedal is an ideal choice. Regardless of whether you need weight loss surgery, vascular surgery, …

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Oct 12

What about if I am not eating right?

Although there are a lot of extra treats around at this time of year, Dr. Birkedal reminds us that it is important to maintain a good healthy eating pattern amidst all the temptations.

Sep 08

Gastric Bypass Surgery Versus Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Two of the most common laparoscopic weight-loss surgeries are the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass. The term, “gastric bypass”, is very self-descriptive. This is a type of bariatric surgery that literally bypasses part of the digestive system. The meaning of “gastric sleeve” surgery may be less obvious. It does not refer to a band …

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Aug 19

For Weight Loss Surgery, Get a Weight Loss Surgeon

When you have decided to have weight loss surgery to help you shed extra pounds and become healthier, make sure that you have a weight loss surgeon and not just a general surgeon, in Edgewater. A weight loss surgeon has more experience and you will obtain better results.

Mar 08

Weight Loss Surgery to End Obesity Woes

Trying to lose weight? Dropping excess pounds cannot happen overnight. It is one of the biggest frustrations you would ever face in life. Losing weight is a true blue battle. It gives off an impression of being totally out of control that something so easy to put on is so difficult to discard. It ought …

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Mar 03

Sclerotherapy Helps to Get Rid of Spider Veins

Suffering from spider veins is an embarrassing cosmetic annoyance. Those red, blue or purple twisted, raised veins that are visible on the surface of skin are something that you would definitely like to hide from others. However, going for spider veins surgery is scary. Therefore sclerotherapy is an efficient and proven treatment that will remove …

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Feb 16

Simple Tips to Help you Find the Right General Surgeon


Surgery is a procedure much more delicate than any other. Even in relatively easy operations, like bariatric surgery or laparoscopic surgery, a single apparently insignificant mistake may lead to fatal consequences. Thus, the general surgeon should be not only highly skilled in the process, but also vastly experienced. Here are a few simple tips to …

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Jan 01

Happy New Year!

All of us here at Dr. Birkedal’s office want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year filled with health and happiness. If you’re looking to the New Year for a new you in Orlando, contact us at 386 231-3530 and we can help you reach your safe weight loss goals.  

Dec 30

Radical Weight Loss

gastric bypass

If you have been recommended by a physician for radical weight loss, going with gastric bypass surgery may be best way to lose weight quickly. When your life is at risk in Florida because of problems related to obesity, losing weight quickly, but safely is best.  

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