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Jun 22

Benefits of Spider Vein Surgery

Spider veins can be very troublesome for those who have them. The decision to have spider vein surgery can be made based on the desire to improve one’s looks and/or the need to have deeper treatment for varicose veins. In either case, Dr. Christian Birkedal is a certified surgeon and he is able to use …

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Mar 13

Have a great weekend everyone

Yes, but please be careful with all of the Bikers out there!

Jul 14

Lap Band Cost

If you are considering having lap band surgery, it is paramount that you understand the cost of lap band surgery. If you meet certain criteria, your medical insurance may cover most of the cost. Contact Dr. Birkedal and he can discuss with you the cost and other particulars of this procedure from Ocala.

Oct 30

Understanding Sleeve Gastrectomy

If you’re thinking about undergoing weight loss surgery, sleeve gastrectomy may be for you. Be sure to reference this article for everything you need to know before you take the plunge…  

Oct 28

What You NEED to Know about Venous Incontinence

The body depends upon the normal flow of blood throughout the body to function properly. When that flow is disrupted for some reason, serious conditions can arise. One such condition that affects a large number of Americans is called venous incontinence or venous insufficiency.  This article shares what you need to know, as well as …

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Oct 23

All about the Gallbladder

To most people, the gallbladder is a misunderstood organ. What does it do?  What function does it serve? If you’re curious about this 3 inch, fluid-filled mystery, this article is for you.  

Oct 21

Understanding the In’s and Out’s of LAP-BAND Surgery

Are you struggling to lose weight and wondering if you are a viable candidate for LAP-BAND surgery?  The information found here will help you find out…  

Oct 18

Solutions for Unsightly Spider Veins

Do you have spider veins?  Wondering where they came from – and more important, what you can do about them?  This blog article has everything you need to know about these unsightly nuances.  

Oct 07

Check Out My Latest Newsletter

You can read my latest newsletter here, which discusses everything from tips to minimize pain post surgery to a thorough exploration of sleeve gastrectomy.  If you’re thinking about weight loss surgery, or know someone who is, you won’t want to miss this issue of my newsletter.

Oct 03

Not sure what to look for in a Surgeon???

                                                                        Well, check out this ARTICLE In Central Florida like Daytona, Orlando, Ormond Beach  contact Dr. Christian Birkedal 386-231-3530

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