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Nov 19

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Thanksgiving is coming this very week, and holiday weight gain is a concern for many people. Most folks overestimate the amount of weight they will gain during the holidays, but at the same time, they underestimate how long it will take to lose that pound or two. Over the years and decades, this adds up …

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Nov 08

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The 2018 holiday season is about to begin. In a quick progression, we will have Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The “holiday season” will not truly end until February 4, 2019 (Super Monday) when many people are most likely to miss work and discover that their clothes are a bit …

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Jan 10

Weight Gain

It’s not that unusual to gain a few pounds over the holidays. Don’t beat yourself up. Dr. Birkedal recommends that you just get yourself back to normal, healthy eating habits and the extra pounds will come off without any special weight loss plans.

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