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Jul 01

What is “Morbid Obesity?”

Doctors would do well to remember that, “If it can be misunderstood, it will be misunderstood.” On a medical chart, the term “morbid obesity” has a specific meaning to the medical personnel who read it, but it may be lost in translation to the patients who hear that diagnosis. To a doctor (or an insurance …

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Aug 22

How do you think we are doing in the struggle against obesity?

Is morbid obesity becoming more or less common? Bariatric surgery procedures are more common, so is obesity a growing problem? Find out what the CDC said last October by reading “Wrong Way, Jose.” To get answers about your bariatric surgery questions, call our office at (386) 210-9794.

Oct 23

What Does ‘Morbid Obesity Mean?

Doctors sometimes have difficulty communicating with patients, because some medical words or phrases have specific meanings when used in a medical context (in doctor talk). That meaning may be different from the common understanding in everyday conversation, and this can lead to misunderstanding. The term, ‘Morbid Obesity’ is an example of a medical term that …

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