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May 19

Skin Graft Surgery

Plastic surgery is performed for many types of wounds, chronic or severe; these surgeries may include grafts, microsurgery, free flap procedures, and even tissue expansion, in order to reduce the wound’s size, depth, or heal it entirely. Skin Grafts/Transplants Before any graft can be performed on a chronic or severe wound any dead tissue needs …

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Nov 04

Exploring Skin Grafting With Dr. C Birkedal

Skin grafting has over the years proven to be a solution that stands out among many used for healing burns and other related skin damage. Dr C. Birkedal goes into detail about skin grafting, defining it and explaining the process in this article.

Apr 15

Skin Graft Surgery Explained

If you have ever wondered what skin graft surgery is then this recent article by Dr. Birkedal should clear it up for you. http://cbirkedal.com/blog/what-is-skin-graft-surgery/   Posted By: AXIOM Health Care Marketing

Apr 11

What Is Skin Graft Surgery?

At one point or another in life we all face a serious medical problem. Having a burn or other harm done to your skin can be very painful. Along with the pain is a variety of other concerns. But there is a solution to this problem. It is called skin graft surgery and it is …

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