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Jul 27

Spider Veins vs. Varicose Veins

spider veins

Spider veins are literally swollen blood vessels that are smaller in size than varicose veins. Spider veins surgery is essentially easier to perform in Intercession City. Dr. Birkedal and his staff offer treatment to take care of your unsightly varicose veins.

Jul 06

Tackling Varicose Veins

Spider veins surgery will help tackle varicose veins in no time and allow your legs to look and feel better. Dr. Birkedal is an expert vascular surgery to a successful conclusion in Grant.

Mar 03

Sclerotherapy Helps to Get Rid of Spider Veins

Suffering from spider veins is an embarrassing cosmetic annoyance. Those red, blue or purple twisted, raised veins that are visible on the surface of skin are something that you would definitely like to hide from others. However, going for spider veins surgery is scary. Therefore sclerotherapy is an efficient and proven treatment that will remove …

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Apr 22

How Spider Vein Surgery Can Help You

When considering spider veins surgery, it is important to understand how it will affect you and what the overall outcome will be. This particular type of surgery causes little to no pain, and uses a special type of liquid to help these veins to disappear. While the recovery time is usually about a month or …

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Aug 18

We Have a New Newsletter!

The August newsletter is here! Check it out and go on to read all about spider veins and gallbladder surgery. Click here to go there now and learn something new and interesting.

Apr 25

Spider Veins

Spider veins surgery is rarely needed any more for those living in Sarasota. Fairly new techniques for eliminating spider veins are very successful and less invasive than traditional surgery. Make an appointment with Dr. Birkedal to learn how he can help with your unsightly spider veins.

Mar 14

Spider Vein Surgery

If you are hoping to avoid spider vein surgery, there are things you can do to help avoid them. People from Port Charlotte to Leesburg come to Dr. Birkedal for help with spider veins.

Oct 30

Understanding Sleeve Gastrectomy

If you’re thinking about undergoing weight loss surgery, sleeve gastrectomy may be for you. Be sure to reference this article for everything you need to know before you take the plunge…  

Oct 28

What You NEED to Know about Venous Incontinence

The body depends upon the normal flow of blood throughout the body to function properly. When that flow is disrupted for some reason, serious conditions can arise. One such condition that affects a large number of Americans is called venous incontinence or venous insufficiency.  This article shares what you need to know, as well as …

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Oct 18

Solutions for Unsightly Spider Veins

Do you have spider veins?  Wondering where they came from – and more important, what you can do about them?  This blog article has everything you need to know about these unsightly nuances.  

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