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Jan 04

Choose the right surgeon

If you have been told by your primary care doctor that surgery is needed or is an option, you have some choices to make. How will you go about choosing the surgeon who will do the procedure? Have you confirmed the physician’s credentials or made sure that the surgeon is board certified or board eligible? …

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Mar 23

Reducing your Risk of Post-op Infections

Having surgery can be a great way to help you with a multitude of issues. However, one of the risks you deal with is post-op infections. The best way to avoid having issues after your surgery is to strictly follow any directions and orders your doctor gives you before and after the procedure, such as …

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Sep 26

To Fix or Not to Fix

hernia repair

Millions of people experience hiatal hernias and often they aren’t painful. However, it is always advisable to consult with your physician in Edgewater about your hernia and discuss whether or not hiatal hernia surgery is warranted.

Apr 16

Respected Experience

Dr. Christian Birkedal is a highly respected physician and surgeon at Florida Hospital Memorial Hospital in Daytona Beach. If you have a medical condition requiring laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Birkedal‘s office should be your first phone call.

Nov 29


If you overdid it at Thanksgiving dinner, don’t despair. Just hit the reset button and start your diet over again. You’re not a failure because you wanted to fit in and enjoy the holiday like everyone else. Dr. Christian Birkedal and his staff are here to help you through this trying time. Give us a …

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Nov 15

Just a Little Pinch

Dr. Birkedal, located at the Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, is the surgeon you want when you are looking for minimally invasive breast surgery.

Nov 11

Veteran’s Day Salute

Dr. Christian Birkedal and his staff send a heart-felt thank you to all of those in the armed forces and their families for their sacrifices. We join you in honoring our veterans on this Veteran’s Day. Many eateries are joining in as well with free meals. Go here for more information.

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