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Apr 24

Prime Time

Television is entertaining (sometimes), but it is also a reflection of trends in our modern world. This is true of both the contents of shows themselves and the advertisements that fill a lot of broadcast time. Most people who watch TV will recognize names like “Trulicity,” “Lyrica” or “Jardiance,” and they will have some vague …

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Nov 16

What is the relationship between obesity and type-2diabetes?

Excess weight, physical inactivity and age are three of the major risk factors for type-2 diabetes. It is almost certainly true that the type-2 diabetes epidemic (as the CDC calls it) is due in large part to the growing prevalence of obesity, the lack of physical exercise and the increasing age of Americans. There is …

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Aug 09

The Early Signs of Type-2 Diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is a threat not only to individual patients, but to the entire medical care system. It is becoming a true epidemic, one that threatens to overwhelm the best efforts of doctors and public health officers.  This disease and its consequences are so threatening that the government’s Centers for Disease Control periodically issues a …

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Jan 08

Diabetes – Medications vs. Life Style Changes

  Diabetes comes in two forms: Type 1, sometimes called juvenile diabetes and Type 2. Type two is more common and is usually connected with the patient being overweight, though not in all cases, and they may be under the care of both a regular doctor in Daytona Beach and a weight loss surgeon if …

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