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Dec 21

Holiday weight gain

Christmas is only a few days away and our office and staff wishes you and your family the happiest of holidays. Holiday meals, gatherings and parties are an important part of Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s and the entire holiday season. There is a chance to overeat or overindulge many times in the weeks between Thanksgiving …

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Jul 10

Vacation is no excuse for weight gain

vacation weight gain

Yes, it is summer and time for vacation.  You might think it is o.k. to gain a pound or two while relaxing. Think again! These small weight gains add up over time and cause the ‘creeping obesity’ that affects so many people. The biology and arithmetic of weight gain and weight loss are really pretty …

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Apr 05

Avoiding holiday weight gain

Easter will come on April 16 and bring an assortment of jelly beans, chocolate Easter Bunnies and cakes. This is a good time to review, “How to Handle the Holidays Without Gaining Weight”.

Feb 10

Cause of Weight Gain

Some studies recently reported that drinking diet soft drinks might actually cause weight gain. Whatever research finds, it’s clear that soda provides no nutrients that the body needs. To learn safe weight loss strategies, come to our office in Daytona Beach.

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