Aug 02

The Mighty Mammogram

breast cancerThis week we have been discussing breast cancer, its risk factors (both controllable and uncontrollable) and we have touched on IORT. We cannot leave the subject of breast cancer without emphasizing again and again the importance of regular mammograms at appropriate intervals.

Even with the advances in surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, the outlook for breast cancer patients depends heavily on the stage at which the cancer was detected. Mammograms can detect tumors or suspicious areas long before they can be felt or seen. This is getting better and better; it is a real bright spot in the fight against cancer.

Mammograms are the best tools we have for screening and then for deciding on a course of treatment. Women at average risk should start getting an annual mammogram at age 40. Those who are at higher than average risk should check with their doctors. This may mean earlier or more frequent tests. You can learn more about these important subjects at AdventHealth Women’s Care or Advent Health Imaging Services.

As always, our office can be reached at 386-210-9794 or Contact Dr Birkedal. All of Dr. Birkedal’s  offices, located in Daytona, New Smyrna and Palm Coast, are part of the AdventHealth Medical Group.

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