Jun 17

What Does Your Appendix Do?

AppendixTraditionally, doctors have thought of the appendix as a ‘vestigial’ organ, with no important function in modern humans. But not so fast! Today, there is some evidence that the appendix may serve as a sort of storage room for the friendly bacteria that should populate the healthy intestine. The bacterial contents of the appendix may help repopulate the gut and return it to normal function after illness. However, there is no doubt that the body can function properly without an appendix.

To many people, the appendix is best known as a source of problems. This common impression is not surprising; hundreds of thousands of appendectomy surgeries are performed each year. In 2011, there were 327,000 appendectomies in the United States. Although our practice concentrates on bariatric surgery, we certainly see our share of appendectomy surgeries. To understand more about this organ, read “What Does Your Appendix Do?” and “How to Recognize Appendicitis.”

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