Mar 04

Would you or a loved one benefit from bariatric surgery?

surgeryYou may think that the strongest motivation for seeking bariatric surgery is the expected improvement in personal appearance. There is nothing wrong with this reasoning; the improvement in appearance can have definite medical, psychological and social benefits. However, to doctors, insurance companies and public health officials, there is a stronger incentive: saving money and lives.

Today’s TV ads are often aimed at diabetic patients, urging them to inquire about some prescription drug for treating diabetes. These drugs are essential for many patients, but in certain cases, bariatric surgery may be the best Rx for type-2 diabetes. More and more, physicians and public health officers have begun to think of weight loss surgery as a metabolic treatment (sometimes a cure) for weight-related disease, especially type-2 diabetes.

Find out if you or a loved one might benefit from a bariatric surgery procedure. Both the gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve procedures are normally done as laparoscopic surgery, with minimal hospital stays, pain or scarring. For a full discussion, please read Weight Loss Surgery as Metabolic Treatment.

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