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Lap Band Surgery in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Lap band surgery is a great option when you are looking at all of the available weight loss surgeries that are out there. Having this kind of surgery done enables you with an extra tool to help regulate your food intake. A band is placed around the patient's stomach that can be adjusted based on the patient's specific needs.

Obesity in Altamonte Springs, Florida

A growing body of research has proved that lifestyle and behavioral modifications often are not enough to help someone drop a significant amount of weight and keep it off. An obese person will have to undergo weight loss surgery operation. The most popular weight loss surgery options available now in Altamonte Springs, Florida are gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery, and gastric sleeve surgery. Surgical procedures for weight loss induce weight loss by restricting the amount of food that the stomach can hold by interrupting the digestive process. Most bariatric surgeries are performed using laparoscopic surgery. Each weight loss surgery procedure has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How can Lap Band Surgery Help to Get Rid of Obesity

Being obese or overweight is a serious health condition that is creating problems for more than one-third of the world's overall population. Studies have proven that the number of people who are obese or overweight is steadily on the rise. Obesity can cause life-threatening diseases like heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some types of cancers. There are many people who suffer from asthma and breathing problems as a result of being obese. Thankfully, we now have many options to overcome this serious health hazard. Lap band surgery is the most commonly used, safe surgical method to reduce weight.

How does Lap Band Surgery Work?

Eligibility Requirement and Dietary Changes

Lap band surgery adopts various surgical procedures to reduce obesity. Here, the doctor places an adjustable silicon-band around the upper portion of the stomach through laparoscopic surgery. This is done to control the intake of food. During the time of the surgery, a device called a port or reservoir is placed below the abdominal skin. It is connected to the lap-band. During periodic checkups, the doctor can adjust the tightness of the band by adjusting this reservoir. The lap-band is adjusted a number of times for maximum safe weight loss. Lap band surgery does not take much time to complete. In fact, it can be done in an hour and the patient does not need to be hospitalized after the surgery. When compared to gastric bypass surgery, there are fewer chances of serious complications involved and much less pain and hospital time. However, you have to follow the diet prescribed by the doctor before and after the surgery to get the best results.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is more complicated when compared to lap band surgery and takes more than two hours to complete, because it involves more radical surgical procedures. The results obtained after gastric bypass surgery are quicker and more effective than lap band surgery. Usually, gastric bypass surgery is done when you need to remove a huge amount of fat from the body. Gastric bypass surgery is permanent whereas in a lap band surgery, once the desired results are obtained, the lap band can be removed by the doctor.

Risks Involved in Lap Band Surgery

Lap band surgery is less risky compared to other bariatric surgeries. Common problems that can occur are nausea, gastritis, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, an allergy to anesthesia, etc. Newer technologies have been introduced in the field of lap band surgery to reduce the risk and complications.

Cost of Lap Band Surgery

The actual cost of the surgery varies from person to person. Like any other surgery, it can be expensive too. The cost of the surgery depends upon factors such as the overall health of the patient, the hospital, etc. If you have insurance, then in most cases it will cover almost 90% of the cost of the surgery.


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Lap Band Surgery Needs in Barefoot Bay

Lap Band Surgery is Not for Everyone

Before you decide to undergo lap band surgery you need to make sure you are qualified to undergo the surgery. Only a good physician or doctor like Dr. Christian Birkedal will be able to give you the complete details about whether you are eligible or not to undergo the surgery. If you are under treatment for heart or lung-related diseases, or have severe gastric problems or uncontrolled hypertension then you will not be able to undergo lap band surgery. It is advised that you consult a good doctor and take his or her advice before planning for lap band surgery.

Why you Need the Help of an Experienced Doctor?

Lap Band Surgery

Any surgery can be a complicated process that requires the skills of an experienced doctor. Dr. Christian Birkedal, who is experienced in weight loss issues, will be able to guide you and help you choose the best treatment for removing the excess fat from your body. Dr. Birkedal and his team will be able to give you all the information you need to fight obesity and obesity related problems. Dr. Birkedal is well known in the Barefoot Bay area and has over 15 years of experience in lap band surgery. If you are in DeBary, Melbourne Beach, Astor, or Barefoot Bay and looking for the best doctor for lap band surgery, then don't hesitate to call us. Aside from lap band surgery, Dr. Birkedal is experienced in gastric bypass surgery, hernia surgery, and gastric sleeve surgery. He and his team will be able to guide you and help you recover from obesity related issues.

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